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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


OK Survivor fans.. Check out these videos for a glimpse at the island, the sets, the cast, the teams and Jeff Probst's picks...

First up - The Aitutaki Tribe: the Latin division & The Manahiki Tribe: the Black division.
What I find most interesting in this particular clip is the complete lack of reference to actual ethnic heritage... Not from the extremely...
    ***crap, is this show gonna be hard to write about. i keep editing myself before anything comes out of my mouth, and if this blog's gonna work, that has to stop happening. so i'm just gonna say this once: i'm not a bigot, don't call me a bigot, and if you wanna slam me in the comments, knock yourself out. PC semantics be damned.

...americanized "latin" team, nor from the black team, which I'm referring to as black, because to call a Jamaican woman African American is wrong too. People are people, period.. and these people seem really cool and interesting.... I'm especially digging the jazz musician, Sekou Bunch. There's one shot of him where he looks positively regal.

This next clip features the Caucasian team, as well as Jeff Probst's take on each survivor's chances in the game...

Here we have a clip that focuses on a small portion of the behind the scenes of end of Survivor: production design and casting.

This clip from tvguide starts off with a man on the street interview, and segues into a Meet the Asian Survivors segment, followed by a challenge sneak peak... Check it out!


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