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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tonight's the Night

Survivor premieres at 8pm tonight on CBS, and with that, a lot of unknowns. How long will they keep it up with the smaller, racially divided tribes? Will the viewers root based on race? Whether their own, or just a favored group? Will the jury votes be tribally, and therefore, by design, racially motivated? What's your take on all this? Please let us know in the comments here on the blog, and let's get this party started!

1. How long before 5 tribes become 2? If ever.
2. Will you be rooting for your own race?
3. Will the jury votes be racially motivated?


Blogger ddgirl said...

Hi Carolyn,
Well I'm so glad we have you dishy girls to keep us amused!!! Helps keep the bb withdrawls low! lol
Well what I think they will eventually do is take one member from each tribe and put them with a different ethnic group b4 they split them! I really hope that the jury when time comes can be open-minded to who deserves the game rather that to be racially motivated! I myself am going to keep an open mind and root for the tribe (players) that are go getters and fun! From the tapes you presented thus far the hispanic tribe looks pretty cool! Time will tell :)

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Moose said...

Okay.... So... what's the difference between racial diversity throughout the whole of the game or with each tribe? I think that the take on separate race tribes at the start of this game is a great twist. Each tribe no matter if racially split, will work out to how all past tribes have worked... relationships, work ethics, temperments, etc., will all come into play.
At the end of the game, it usually is for the best player (out of those left, since many best players are elminated early)which takes out the racially-motivated jury votes. People on this show generally look at personality and ethics used during the show to base their vote, along with the answer to their question.
I LOVE the twist of this season and can hardly wait for the start..... and the bittersweet end.

12:41 PM  

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