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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Johnny Fairplay's Interview

Ever have one of those days when everything goes better than you could have possibly hoped for? And you get a good workout to boot? That's my day today.

If you had to pick one Survivor that will absolutely never be forgotten, love him or hate him, for better or for worse, Johnny Fairplay's your man. When I called him earlier today, he was sounding pretty relaxed, chilling out with his friend and former Survivor, Ryno. Sweet! John answered my questions in true Fairplay form. And as an added bonus, although we hadn't spoken before, Ryno agreed on the spot to answer some questions for us as well - what a sweetie.. and such a sexy voice! Here's Fairplay's interview. Ryno's will follow shortly. Enjoy.

DishChickCarolyn: So what's your take on the tribe divide?
Johnny Fairplay: I think it's awesome. Go Team Whitey! (laughing)
Carolyn: Seriously? Do you want me to write that?
Johnny Fairplay: Yeah. Why not.

DishChickCarolyn: Do you think American's will root based on race?
Johnny Fairplay: Yeah. Most Americans are pretty simple-minded, so yes, they will. Especially the red states and their little bitty brains.

DishChickCarolyn: Will the jury votes be tribally/racially motivated?

Johnny Fairplay: Nah. I think that once the show gets going, race is not going to be a factor.


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