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Thursday, September 14, 2006

DishChicks Do Ryno

Hey... a girl can dream. ;) But my oh my what a sexy voice... Forgive me, I was lost in thought... Oh yeah.. the Ryno mini-interview... :) Seriously, I have to thank Ryno so much for agreeing to do this completely spur of the moment! He hadn't even gotten my email yet... Just happened to be hanging out with Fairplay when I called. Bonus!

DishChickCarolyn: What's your take on the tribe divide?
: I think it's just a marketing ploy to get Survivor back to where it was during Pearl Islands... the ratings.

DishChickCarolyn: Do you think American's will root based on race?
: Yes. I think they will, until they weed it out and they're down to their favorites, but I think, initially, they will.

DishChickCarolyn: Will the jury votes be tribally/racially motivated?
: No. Not at all. It'll be who they like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really like the blog and the interviews. I'm so glad you ladies are dishing on Survivor and TAR now that BB is over!! Can't wait to see your opinion once the show gets started. 90 minutes to go here!

5:30 PM  

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