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Friday, September 15, 2006

Coby's Blog

As a special addition to SurvivorDish, we will be featuring the blog entries of certain former survivors we have spoken with. Coby Archa is our first guest blogger, and here's what he had to say on Episode 1 of Survivor: Cook Islands!

"Okay so this season we all knew would have different opinions everywhere. My good friend Brett who I was supposed to call tonight, sent me a text that read, " OK still get goose bumps when they first start the game but I thought the episode sucked-boring!"

Well I couldn't agree...LESS!! I thought this episode f'ing rocked! I loved the begining where Jeff looked totally out of his element like he was going to get hit in the head with a paddle at any second. I loved hearing the stories about the boat people (like the beautiful Cao Boi). I thought about different cultures never thought about different countries!! I was crying...seriously.

I loved seeing all the ethnic groups finding their pride in who they were...from the Asians to the latins on. Then the camera came to the 'white' tribe. Who had no sense of self pride at all. Because we as 'white' people have no idea where we came from much less have any sense of culture. Was funny to see the moment of...who are we? Do we high five? Do we shake hands?

Loved seeing Cao Boi (or Cowboy as I heard it lol) rub a head ache away. Loved seeing him feeling outcast in his own culture (thus all the asian jokes he might get booted out for). He is by FAR my favorite already. Could be my favorite of all time if he keeps this up. Asian Rupert anyone?

I can't believe how many people from every tribe I...LIKE! I usually only like a few people on the whole damn show but out of the 20 I already love...Cao Boi from the asian tribe...StephanNie from the black tribe (Romana anyone?)...Ozzy the guy with curly from the latin tribe...I love all the girls on the white tribe....I find myself loving almost loving all of them, which is weird for me.

I love how minorities aren't afraid to 'go there'. They are so use to defending themselves in life they aren't afraid to speak their mind. Like the black guy bullying Steph saying that without him all the girls will shrivel up and die (no Tom cooth there for Sekou). I loved the two black guys telling the white guy to hit exile because he stole a chicken and karma is a bitch. If this was a bunch of white people they wouldn't have this much attitude this early...I am drooling on my key board as I write this....

I have it in Tivo and if it wasn't so late I would watch it again.

Love LOVE Love LOVE it!!!

F'ing bring on next week!!! If they merge the tribes this early I will kick Jeff Probst ass!!!!"


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