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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Survivor: Fans vs Favorites

Starting in February, Survivor Micronesia: Fans v Favorites will begin.

At least one of the Survivor China folks will be there, and I'm putting my money on James. They haven't released the list of All-Stars yet, but I'll be digging for info. You can count on it. ;)

Survivor China: Final Episode & Reunion

With a week to think about it, and now 20 minutes before the show starts here on the east coast, I feel like I ought to pick a Survivor or 2 to root for, so I'm pickin' Amanda and Denise. Amanda's had a good, subtle game, and if she's clever enough to finally take out Todd, she deserves this. I'm behind Denise for the underdog status... She has the Mary/Dave (from TAR) appeal... Simple, honest, straightforward and truly appreciative of the exotic experiences.

Frankly, I'd be perfectly happy to see Todd win as well. He's been playing the mind game since the moment it all began.

Courtney? Hasta la vista, flacita.

On with the show...

The results are in the comments section.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Episode 12

My how the season has flown. Tonight marks the last regular episode of Survivor China, with the season finale airing on Sunday night.

As gorgeous as it's been, realizing we've come to the end, I'm a bit let down. Here's why: I don't feel particularly bound to any of them. Every other season, I've had a definite favorite, someone I was rooting for going in to the finale... Not so this season.

I suppose if forced to pick, I'd go with Denise or Amanda or maybe even PG. Then again, Todd has masterminded the whole game... The only thing I'm 100% sure of is who I don't want to win, and that hasn't changed since Episode 1: Courtney.

My faves - James, Frosti and (at the risk of Cliff's wrath) Jean-Robert - are all long gone.

This season's been beautifully shot and cleverly executed, but how successful is it when a real fan of the show doesn't care who wins? The edit has to be called into question... they've failed to create a protagonist.

And on with the show...

The blow by blow's in the comment section.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Episode 11

Survivor China, Episode 1 minus James... Sigh... No opening tushie montage. Instead we're treated to a less than satisfying self-congratulatory post Tribal Council group hug for the final 6... almost including PG.

Dare I hope this is the week Courtney annoys the wrong person enough to seal her fate?

Foreshadowing? Todd says it would be smart to get rid of him, but he's not going to tell anyone in his alliance about that.

Reward Challenge: Family... Ahhh.. Tears... and the reminder that they're all human.

Very cool blindfolded family reward challenge, and a much deserved win for Denise! Smart choices on her part too... in terms of who to share the reward with: Todd and Amanda, leaving PG, Eric and Courtney behind to have to say an immediate goodbye to their family members.

I'm curious to see if PG makes any headway with Courtney back at camp while the rest of her alliance is enjoying Denise's reward.

Meanwhile back at camp - Courtney, Eric and PG are ripping on Todd for his sister miscarriage story, comparing him to the fake Johnny Fairplay bs story about his grandma dying. In the water Todd has face time with the cameras and assures us it's not a Fairplay move.

Todd and Amanda also reveal to their family members that Denise is in for the final 4, but they'll take Courtney to the 3, since Denise hasn't pissed anyone on the jury off and they all have, so they're on a more even playing field together.

And another Immunity Challenge about Chinese Culture. Yet again, it's PG's to lose. If she's anywhere near the front of the pack, it's hers. So unfair. And.. she does. Whatev's. Come on. I'm curious to see if the edit shows any fallout about it... and it doesn't.

Tribal Council: Leading up to it, PG and Erik have been working Denise pretty hard. Will she or wont she? It's either Erik or Todd out tonight. Denise casts her hidden vote and says, "I'm sorry I had to do this. It's probably the biggest mistake I'm gonna make in this game." Spoilers in the comment section.