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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Episode 10

Yeah, sure, there was an episode last week on Thanksgiving... but not a real one. ;)

Would you believe I've spent the last 3 days writing html code and working on getting the BB9 sites together? Whoda' thunk it? Oh Boy. If you wanna check em out and tell me what you think, I'm all ears, and I'd really appreciate the feedback... Here're the links: bb9dish, DishFAQs and BBLiveShowSpoilers. So far, so good... nifty new banners and info and the like. ;)

And now... Survivor! :) When we last saw our Survivors, they were at tribal council, having just booted Frosti, with Probst telling them they weren't quite done yet... Cue the suspense music.

The episode just started - Reward Challenge! I'm gonna wait to blog till it's done. Chat with ya in the comments.


Noooo!! My poor James! Why oh why oh why didn't you use just one of the immunity idols?? James, James, James. We'll miss you... and your tush.


I felt really great for Denise tonight. Happy that she got to go on the reward, and show off a bit of her skill.

This Survivor is anything but predictable. PG even grew on me tonight during tribal council - good for her for calling them out about who's been winning the individual challenges. Courtney? Still the most useless person to most likely make it into the final 3, then win the endurance stand on a pole contest and make it to the final 2. Pathetic.

I hate it when Survival means weeding out the strongest.

The saving grace of tonight's episode was the promo for next week when Denise is the swing vote... I hope she votes out one of the 4.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Episode 9

Is everybody ready? :) I am! I just had a massage/stretch session. Lemme attem.

A-maaazing reward challenge. All teamwork and finesse, no brawn. Kinda funny - it seems like the contest creators are intentionally trying to create challenges other Survivors (besides James) have a shot at winning.

The reward left something to be desired - a little too Love Connection for me. I'm disliking Courtney less, but Frosti... oh, Frosti. I know it's slim pickin's but come on.

Immunity or Food? A cheeseburger or more of a chance at 1 million dollars? This one always stuns me... that people opt for the food! In my book, one of those 4 deserves to go home tonight... preferably the blond.. but that wont happen.

PG winning immunity had the feeling of Jen winning HoH right after Kale... ultimate upset.

Big Sigh. One of my faves just got the boot (see comments if you wanna know now), and Probst leaves us with a cliffhanger, "Tonight you will not head straight back to camp. We still have more business to attend to here."

Oh really, Jeff?

All we're getting is a preview of next week...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Episode 8

ok.. I just got the news about a potential early BB9 and I'm still reeling, but here's an open post for episode 9...

I'll blog along with it. :)

Go James!

Reward Challenge - Say it with me now: SINK COURTNEY!!!!! lmao. Sure she's light.. light and useless.

Truth be told, I'm finding it difficult to get into this episode... all i can think about is BB starting early... and all the prep work I need to get started on for the dish.

The reward... I'm not loving how they're playing Jean-Robert for a fool in terms of the hidden immunity idol. It's the most telling moment thus far of the season. He's definitely on the outs, and watching him come back to camp, not sleep and go right for where the idol's should be is giving me a bad feeling for him this episode.... as if we're due for another Jaime moment during tribal - with J-R thinking he has an idol and getting snuffed out anyway.

Immunity Challenge - Ich Ich Feh. Three words I thought I'd never hear: "Courtney wins immunity."

New standout player - Amanda. I'm not sure if it's the first time she's gotten a terrific edit, or just the first time I'm taking notice of her, but I'm really liking Amanda now. She's even-tempered, very intelligent, and she gets this game. I can definitely see her making top 4 - possibly more.

The vote -
Mm.. Mm.. Mmm.. I seem to be channeling Jameka (from bb8), but that's all I can say right now. I'm not pleased. Dumb move, former feh long folks. I wont spoil it for the west coasters, but stay outta the comments section cuz it's fair game there.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Episode 7

Merge me, baby, one more time. ;)

Hmm.. the beginning of the episode really underscores my dislike of Courtney, and were it not for the merge we're all expecting tonight, she'd very likely be next out... at least in my fantasy life. But tonight's merge, so strong players, beware. My gut instinct says if tonight is the first individual immunity, whichever of Frosti or James that doesn't win it, is toast.

Whoops.. forgot about James' 2 idols.
Aaaaack~ Jamie searched through James' bag and found the idols...

8:18pm Merge & Feast & Cool Chinese Acrobat Show.... and a warning from Jeff: "This game never ends."

He meant it. The immunity challenge was based on how much attn people paid during the Merge Feast. Frosti won the first individual immunity. If James still has his idols, my paragraph one predictions are already toast. ;)

Wow! What a great episode. Survivor China is the best Survivor in years. Talk about a nail biter of a tribal council - complete with as much tension & drama as any producer could possibly pack into 5 minutes.

I'm still loving James, Frosti and Todd... and wishing Courtney would be the next out. Jean Robert is right about her. She's now most likely to make it to the final whatever without ever doing anything.


If you're looking for a spoiler on who's out tonight, check the comments.