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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Survivor China Episode 2

Hi Everyone :)

Still diggin' James & all of Fei Long, with 1 minor exception... Fun, cool challenges... Bummed the wrestler chick got the boot, but I get it...

I wish I had more to say about this episode, but I just don't.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode 2 Non-Spoiling Preview

Call me crazy, I think James might just take this one. ;) His muscles have muscles. Hallelujah.

Here's what the nice, hardworking folks from CBS would like us all to know:

THURSDAY, SEPT. 27, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT

"My Mom Is Going To Kill Me!" – The castaways get physical as mud flies and tops are ripped off...
    ***OK, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Ashley (the wrestler chick) is either the ripper or the rippee. Perv-Cam likes her boobs way too much for it to be any other way. one of the most physical and dirtiest challenges in Survivor history. A vulnerable castaway believes she’s received a gift from God. The second person is voted off the island, on SURVIVOR: CHINA, Thursday, Sept. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


ZHAN HU TRIBE: Dave Cruser, Jaime Dugan, Erik Huffman, Peih-Gee Law, Sherea Lloyd, Ashley Massaro, Chicken Morris (1st Voted Off), Frosti Zernow

FEI LONG TRIBE: Jean-Robert Bellande, James Clement, Todd Herzog, Amanda Kimmel, Denise Martin, Leslie Nease, Aaron Reisberger, Courtney Yates

Friday, September 21, 2007

Survivor Premiere Tops Ratings

"Survivor" and encore performances Of the season finales Of "CSI" and "Without a Trace" lead CBS to a nightly win on the final Thursday of the 2006-2007 broadcast year! Additionally, CBS research estimates DVR playback should boost Adult 18-49 and Adult 25-54 Ratings By +7%.

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The premiere of SURVIVOR: CHINA (its 15th edition) drew an audience of more than 15 million viewers, the night's most watched program and the Number One program in all key demographics, according to preliminary Nielsen Live Plus same-day ratings for Thursday, Sept. 20.

SURVIVOR: CHINA (S) was first in its time period in households (8.9/15), viewers (15.12m), adults 25-54 (6.0/16), adults 18-49 (4.9/15) and adults 18-34 (3.3/11). SURVIVOR CHINA was the night's #1 program in viewers, adults 25-54, adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

CBS Research estimates all DVR playback should boost ratings among adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 by +7% and among adults 18-34 by +10%.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Behind the Scenes Survivor China Videos

Behind the Scenes Tour with Jeff Probst

What is a Dream Teamer?

Survivor China: Episode 1

There's something relaxing about watching Survivor, especially after coming off of Big Brother. Something lovely about not forming opinions about what should be broadcast before it actually is. I went into tonight's premiere with one thing on my mind: Entertain me, Mr. Burnett. Boy did he!

The setting is incredible. When the premiere began, I couldn't help but think of the movie, "The Last Emperor." Stunning, with cinematography to match.

The first experience for the Survivors already had me forming opinions about them - 2 negative, the rest positive. I'll get Courtney out of the way first. The girl did nothing but irk me all night, from the start to the finish. Her behavior in the Temple was reprehensible, and it just got worse once she was in camp.

I wasn't thrilled with Leslie's behavior in the temple either, but at least hers came from a place of personal belief and respect to that belief. My wish for her was that she could open herself to new experiences, rather than fear them, especially since Jeff made a point of telling everyone, likely mostly for her benefit, that this was not a religious ceremony, but one of welcoming.

On the other hand, I became enchanted with Peih Gee and Denise during this opening ceremony. Peih Gee's raw emotion at simply being in the land of her ancestry was a beautiful thing to watch. Denise, the lunch lady, displayed the openness and excitement and appreciation I would wish for everyone.

First impressions...

With just this first episode, I'm already forming favorites. I was really rooting for James' team during the challenge. With the exception of Courtney, I'm just loving Fei Long tribe as a whole and as individuals. They work together extremely well, and they get along - so far - and I'm just diggin' em.

James, Jean Robert, Todd and Aaron all strike me as fierce competitors, and all with different and complimentary strengths: physical, mental and social. I have to wonder if the conversation shown between Jean-Robert and Todd, where they acknowledge each other's mental game, was a subtle foreshadowing of things to come.

Lastly, Leslie's kind words to James when he expressed his concerns to her about his social game won my heart, since I'm already loving James, and got her back on my good side.

On the Zhan Hu side, I loved Frosti. He virtually flew during that competition, and his attitude is terrific. I was also quite taken with the wrestler chick, and since she survived the week, I think her social game and her physical prowess will do her well.

Since I'm posting this before the show airs on the west coast, I wont give away "the tribe has spoken" moment, but please be advised that it is given away in the comment section.

All in all, I thought it was a terrific season opener, and I have very high hopes for Survivor China. Thanks for coming over here. I can't wait to read your thoughts!

Survivor Premier Night

I can't even believe I'm doing this.

Big Brother ended less than 48 hours ago, and I actually spent the past couple hours getting a header and a few other things together for this blog. I was taking a drive around my island today, clocking out the mileage of some of my favorite bike routes, and thinking... thinking about putting my big girl pants on, stopping whining about how tired I am, biting the bullet and doing a blog for Survivor this year.

So.. Here it is. I love the show. Always have. And this season should be incredible. Now that we've built such an amazing community of dishers, I have very high hopes for this blog! :)

I know less than nothing about the current cast members, so I'll be learning along with the rest of your tonight during the season premiere at 8pm, or maybe I'll stop by the CBS site and do a little reading and video watching first...

I'll be bloggin' about it shortly after the premiere, once I get my thoughts together, and I hope to see you all back here then, and hear your reactions too.

All I do know is their names and what they look like. Based on that and that alone, I thought it would be fun to take a page from the Jenna-Dalton handbook and make a time capsule prediction as to the winner... Just for fun.

If you'd rather have a bit of info first, the link for the Official CBS Survivor Site is just to your left, in the sidebar, along with a couple of other useful Survivor links.

Please join me in the comment section here on the blog, and we can come back at the end and see how well-honed our powers of ultimate Survivor picking are! ;) If you don't have a google account and can't be bothered to make one, please make sure to include your name or screenname somewhere in your comment.

And just for giggles... lets do a quickie poll so we can see at a glance who, if anyone, the majority is leaning towards.