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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Episode 6

Wow.. 6 weeks in. That means we're 6 weeks out of the other one... and I'm still pooped.

On with the show. Apparently we're going to be treated to a special Courtney upchuck tonight. Oh boy. I can hardly wait.

I just hope James somehow survives the week...

As the show opens, James is playing the workhorse, thinking he should let them rest so they have no excuse to be tired at a challenge, and that this might save him.

My hopes are fading.

Were I James, in lieu of being traded to the other team after the reward challenge, which may or may not happen, I would sit my butt down during the immunity challenge, and tell my old team, point blank, "You need to lose this challenge if you want anyone from Fei Long to survive to the end."

OK.. phew.. Fei Long won reward and kidnapped James. Whether or not he helped that happen remains to be seen. Here's hoping he'll take the opportunity to tell them what's up... and he does. Along with giving Todd the idol clue, which Todd finds and gives to James.

The immunity challenge didn't go quite as planned, but it should be as easy as voting Sherea out and leaving the Fei Long numbers strong. I say Sherea because Frosti is more valuable, and has proven himself in a challenge or two... and I like him.

If they can come to this agreement, it's actually better for them, because then the immunity idol stays in play. It would have been a shame to waste it so quickly.

PLEASE tell me little miss do absolutely nothing has no pull tonight. PLEASE. Courtney does not deserve to make this decision. In addition to being useless, she's a horrible strategist.

OK.. I'm not gonna blow it for the west coast before it airs... Just a warning, the comments section will.

Next Week: "Drop your Buffs." Dare we say...MERGE!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Episode 5

5 minutes till episode 5 begins.. or should I say Thursday night on the couch, or the bed, as the case may be.. Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, Big Shots... Just opening up the post for comments before the episode starts. :)

For those of you who've noticed my absence for the past week, I've been down for the count with spine issues... Hopefully, that's done with. Fingers crossed. :)

On with the show...

OK!! Tribal Shakeup. At first glance, Zhan Hu definitely got the lion's share on this one! James and Aaron. Score for them. I'm guessing the 4 switchers will have immunity this week... seems the survivory thing to do.

And so far, I'm wrong.

While PG was coming up with her scheme for Zhan Hu domination through intentionally losing immunity challenges, I had to give her credit. If it effects James badly, I'm done with her. :( He doesn't deserve to go out that way. 3/4 of the way through the show now, I'm still holding out a little hope for a quarterback sneak by Probst once they get to tribal council.. along the lines of, "oh, by the way, your newest members are immune this week."

And that's total wishful thinking on my part. There is no immunity.

On the bright side, Probst called them out at tribal for throwing the comp.

I can respect the mental game, but I can't respect taking out the warriors that way.

Last thought: Holy crap. They got me. They really got me.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Episode 4

Jean Robert. Very cool. OK, I expected him to speak French and Creole, but the Chinese was a very big surprise.

Todd - playing smart as always... getting himself the immunity idol clue from Dave, and with magic Ping Pong ball gone, Todd's the only member of fei long who even knows about the idol.

Meanwhile, over on the other team, Sherea really missed the opportunity to prove herself to her tribe while her nemesis was kidnapped. The only question is: will it matter?

I'm LOVING the Amazing challenges this season. The fireball/fireworks reward challenge was terrific. Then they followed it up with the fully costumed immunity challenge, and more freeze-frames - no doubt just for Cliffy.

Sing with me now: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...

I found it interesting that Jean Robert chose to sit out the immunity challenge. He's surprising me left and right tonight. Mostly that he's still there, since I chose him as my pick prior to the first episode, which generally means doom for any survivor. ;)

As for Dave - I found myself wondering what I would have done given the option of voting out him or Sherea. While I agree that he was condescending and bossy to his tribe mates, he did work his tush (and his gut) off. Sherea, on the other hand, did nothing around camp, and while she said she was conserving energy for comps, she wasn't terribly impressive there either.

That said, I'd have lost Sherea and let Dave work for me another couple weeks. How about you?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Survivor Episode 3

Happy Survivor Day Everyone! :)

If I suddenly pass out mid way through my blog on tonight's show, blame my trainer. We went after my abs with a vengeance this afternoon - it's sooo not gonna be pretty tomorrow morning... but it should be smokin hot in a couple months. ;)

Anyhow, in the meantime, please feel free to comment on episode 3 here while it's airing. :) And I'll most likely be bloggin' during the commercials. :)

OK.. Sequence #1: Setting up Jean-Robert for the fall.

The edit on sequence one focused on Jean-Robert's perceived inappropriate behavior during sleeping hours, and ended with Leslie commenting that "Jean-Robert really doesn't understand the social game. If we ever go to tribal council, he's out."

The Reward Challenge

Excellent and again very physical. James' physical superiority is extremely evident - as if there was ever any doubt.

Ironically, Leslie's weakest link status is evident beyond her own team, as she provided Zhan Hu with their first competition win, and they chose to "kidnap" her over to their side. Leslie comes back talking about how much she has in common with people on the other tribe, and setting her tribe mates on edge about her potential for disloyalty post-merge.

Jean-Robert & James' "Private" Talk
Todd.. Todd, Todd.. Can we not refer to people as trash? Please? Todd and Courtney overheard/eavesdropped on a conversation between James and Jean-Robert that was both game related and very locker room in nature.. and a whole lot about Courtney... and James having a crush on her.

Immunity Challenge
Courtney completely blew it for Fei Long, practically handing the immunity challenge to Zhan Hu on a silver platter. Completely. The rest of the tribe worked the challenge so well, they almost made up for her, but not quite.

So... Fei Long goes to tribal council tonight for the first time. Will Courtney's social game make up for her utter failure during the challenge? Will Todd's manipulations make Courtney's social game irrelevant?

I'm not telling till the west coast sees it, but I'm sure someone in the comments section will.

All in all, really good third episode.

Bob Dawg's Audition Tape

As we get ready for tonight's Episode 3, I thought it would be fun to try out a new feature: Classic Audition Videos.

Just in case anyone's thinking of trying out, here's an audition tape that worked. ;) Watch and learn.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Coby's Take on Episode 2

So.. Since I was completely lame and really couldn't think of anything remotely clever to say about episode 2, I'm lifting Coby's Blog about it... for your viewing pleasure. ;)

Coby Takes On...
Survivor China Episode 2...

Okay let me get the I am going to burn in hell part of the blog over with...

I know if I am picking on someone else it is just to make myself feel better. People like me talk bad about other people because we have low self esteems and it makes us feel better about ourselves....

that being said.... am I the only one who laughs every time Dave comes on screen with the caption "Former Model" as his job. First of all, I didn't know that was a job, and offense... has Dave had some hard living since his modeling days, because he doesn't look anything like a model to me.

Yes I know I am going to hell.

Now that is off my chest :) Lets talk game...and there is lots of it. I have never seen so many people so early in the game talking such strategy.
  • Todd thinks he is the next Brian H.
  • The gambler thinks he is brilliant.
  • The blonde with no bra has smarts about her (giving the secret to the weakest link).
  • Amanda is the first female mastermind to ever play the game as far as I am concerned.

And all of this on episode 2!!!!!

Great cast I can't believe the cat fight at tribal and let me say again....ALL IN EPISODE 2!!!!

The challenges so far this year f'ing rock! I hate when they reuse challenges anyway but these are so completely original I loved the ball drop mud roll naked romp!!! I have always wondered why nobody has ever yanked peoples clothes off.

And let me say thank go I didn't go to China...pure hell if you ask me. All that rain and mud....for real...HELL!!! Hell people!!! Exactly where I am going to go for making fun of a former model for hard living :)


To comment on Coby's Blog, please visit him directly, and subscribe! He's a doll and very entertaining.